Sumelga inaugurates its new facilities

On 22 June, Sumelga held a very important event for the present and future of this project, the inauguration of the new facilities adjacent to the current ones, which was attended by a large representation of the electricity distribution sector in Galicia. This event marks the beginning of a new stage in our business adventure.

The day began early in the morning opening our doors to customers and suppliers, who were able to see first hand how SUMELGA is and how it works on a daily basis.

The event had its highlight in the afternoon, and was attended by a large number of suppliers and customers. Our sponsored Jorge Pérez was also present, accompanied by his brand new Skoda Fabia R5 with which he participates in the Spanish Rally Championship. Attendees were able to enjoy a catering service with musical accompaniment throughout the day, while exchanging views on the present and future of the sector. This was followed by guided group tours of the new facilities, so that the attendees could get a first-hand look at the operation, storage capacity and the main brands with which the company is currently working. After the visits, in their speech the founding partners of the company gave an overview of Sumelga’s trajectory and future expectations. After this, the attendees were able to continue enjoying the catering service and musical accompaniment, which ended the event.

From Sumelga we would like to thank all the attendees, and especially our suppliers and customers, for their presence and collaboration throughout all these years.

The excellent performance of the company during its more than twenty years of trajectory allows us to think big and look for new challenges, which involve reaching a wider market and becoming a leading company in Galicia.