Sumelga joins Grudilec, leading group in distribution of electrical materials

For Sumelga Galicia S.L joining Grudilec means a begining to the new year with an important step forward, securing a better position linked with the best possible ally. “The philosophy and identity of Grudilec, personal and well defined, in adition to his long success trayectory that is going to help us grow are the main reasons that lead us into taking this new path besides Grudilec. The idea of being in a Group with a small number of partners will greatly facilitate the interlocution between the partners, and with it, the achievement of the common objectives. This fact has held, withouy a doubt, an important weight in our decision. We are convinced to have joined the best companions on the road that we can have, to face the day to day of a sector that each day is more competitive and is more concentrated”.

Sumelga Galicia S.L was born in the year 2001 under the name of Electrogranxa S.L, with the goal of making finding a place in the sector of the distribution and storage of electrical material. Over more than 20 years of experience and many changes in the last few years, whence arose the new commercial name by passing this to Sumelga Galicia S.L and the acquisition of a new building, considerably increasing the initial surface. All these changes have converted us into one of the reference companies in the distribution of electrical material in Galicia. This has been possible, among other things thanks to a highly specialized professional team, which allows us to offer our customers personalized attention and give a full response to all their needs, as well as the strong consolidated relationship with the main national and international brands of the electrical sector.

material eléctrico Galicia

Grudilec passes to be formed by 13 partners, which translates into a total of 126 selling points

The incorporation of Sumelga into the Group means for Grudilec the achievement of an important objective set in its current year for this year: to finish consolidating its position in the northern area of the Iberian Peninsula. Grudilec has kept his eye in Galicia for many years, finally finding the perfect partner. This community has always been a referent for us, and therefore we keep it clear that it was an area that we wanted to incorporate into our range of influence. At last it is in 2023 that we reach this goal. We are very happy because, in adittion to reaching this goal, we have done it counting with the support and compromise from the best possible company: Sumelga Galicia S.L.” comments Antonio Ruiz, president of Grudilec.

THE GROUP also recognizes a good deal with the incorporation of this new member, since that “they are going to allow us to be present in Galicia, an area in which we have been present in the past, also reinforcing our bonds with some of the brands that we have worked with for years due to the strong bond that these have with Sumelga Galicia S.L” explains Alberto González, director general of Grudilec.

For Grudilec the selection of Sumelga as a new partner of the Group is a demonstration that the Group has always acted while maintaining its principles, as well as its characteristic ADN, which defines as one of its major differential values with respect to the rest of the Distribution . “With Sumelga we are sure to be right because they have the perfect DNA to undertake a long journey” says Antonio Ruiz.

With the incorporation of Sumelga Galicia S.L, Grudilec passes to be formed by 13 partners, which translates into a total of 126 selling points and 5,000 square meters of additional installations to those that the Group already had available, installations that are located in the Avenida Principal del Polígono Industrial A Granxa – Parcela 259, Naves 3-4. Porrino (Pontevedra).

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